Povijest župe

Jelah, župa sv. Ivana Krstitelja (Vrhbosanska nadbiskupija, Usorski dekanat, općina Tešanj)

U Tešnju je postojala crkva sv. Jurja i franjevački samostan. Papa Pio II. podijelio je 25. ožujka 1462. godine oproste vjernicima koji, u određene dane, posjete “ecclesiam S. Georgii in Thesagi, ordinis S. Francisci”. Sagradio ju je Radivoj Kristić, Osmanlije su grad zauzeli prije 1489. godine.U izvješću iz 1650. godine (o pohodu Bosni između 1645. i 1650. godine) poslanom Svetom zboru za širenje vjere u Rim, biskup fra Marijan Maravić navodi da grad Tešanj (Tescag) ima 300 turskih kuća i 3 džamije.Prema popisu biskupa fra Augustina Miletića iz 1813. godine u župi Sivša između ostalih mjesta navode se i mjesta: Tešanj (grad) i Vukovo, s ukupno 18 katoličkih kuća i 106 katolika, a od toga je bilo 59 odraslih osoba i 47 djece.

Dekretom Nadbiskupskog ordinarijata vrhbosanskog br. 2084/75. od 16. prosinca 1975. godine, utemeljena je župa Jelah. Do tada je Jelah bio samostalna kapelanija župe Žabljak. Novoj župi pripojeno je 25 domaćinstava iz zaseoka Netača, župa Sivša.

Gradnja crkve sa zvonikom počela je 1969.god., a kamen temeljac blagoslovljen je tek 6. listopada 1972. godine. Tada je crkva posvećena.

U Tešnju se nalazi područna crkva sv.Petra i Pavla, sagrađena 1898. godine, a temeljito je obnovljena između 1998. i 2002. godine. Vodi se u registru spomenika na teritoriji općine Tešanj i Zavoda za zaštitu kulturno-historijskog i prirodnog nasljeđa Bosne i Hercegovine.

U župi Jelah od 28. srpnja 1980.godine djeluju časne sestre Kćeri Božje ljubavi.

Župom upravlja dijacezanski svećenik, a čine je naselja: Bukva, Cerovac, Donja Netača, Jelah, Jelah Polje, Jevadžije, Krndija, Raduša, Rosulje, Tešanj, Tugovići i Vukovo.

Od 1906. do 1944. godine na području Tešnja djelovalo je povjerenstvo, a zatim podružnica Hrvatskog kulturnog društva Napredak. Djelovanje podružnice HKD-a Napredak obnovljeno je 1991. godine.

ŽUPNICI Župe Jelah:

–od osnutka Župe Jelah do listopada 1978.godine župnik je bio vlč.Ivan Bošnjak;

–od listopada 1978.godine do svibnja 1979.godine župnik je bio vlč.Josip Šušak;

–od svibnja 1979.godine do 30.05.1988.godine župnik je bio vlč.Jure Gavranić;

–od sibnja 1988.godine do 20.08.1991.godine župnik je bio vlč.Simo Janjić;

–od kolovoza 1991.godine do 16.05.2013.godine ponovno je župnik vlč.Ivan Bošnjak;

–od 16.05.2013.godine župnik je vlč.Ilija Marinović.

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BellSouth merger passes antitrust test

The Department of Justice’s antitrust division issued a statement approving the merger unconditionally.

“After thoroughly investigating AT proposed acquisition of BellSouth, the antitrust division determined that the proposed transaction is not likely to reduce competition substantially,” Thomas Barnett, assistant attorney general in charge of the Justice Department’s antitrust division, said in a statement. cheap michael kors “The merger would likely result michael kors cheap in cost savings and other efficiencies that should benefit consumers.”

The merger still needs approval from the cheap michael kors Federal Communications Commission, which is scheduled to vote on the matter Thursday.

Announced in March, the merger is the latest in a long line of telecommunications mergers in the last few years.

Last year, the Justice Department approved the $16 billion merger between long distance carrier AT and the local telephony company SBC Communications. It also approved the $6.7 billion merger between MCI and Verizon Communications.

Critics have staunchly opposed these mergers, asserting that they will reduce competition, ultimately limit customer choice and eventually lead to price increases. Critics also have said a consolidated AT will wield too much power that the company may abuse by overstepping customer privacy barriers and limiting the type of traffic that traverses its networks.

“AT with the help of a complicit government, is poised to control nearly half of the nation’s phone lines and will also be the largest wireless and broadband Internet company in the country,” michael kors handbags Andrew Schwartzman, CEO of nonprofit law firm Media Access Project, said in a statement. “If consumers thought gas prices were out of control, wait until they get their next phone bill.”

The unconditional approval also drew michael kors handbags harsh words from Sen. Daniel Inouye, the Democratic co chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee, cheap michael kors which counts communications laws among its responsibilities. The Hawaii michael kors handbags politician Michael Kors handbags cheap accused the Justice Department of ignoring potential negative effects from the reduced competition wrought by the merger, saying in Replica Michael Kors Handbags a statement that the decision “not only flies in the face of the department’s own merger guidelines, but also rests on the hope of potential facilities based competition michael kors handbags that may never materialize.”

Inouye said it’s now up to the FCC “to stand up for consumers and to insist upon strong conditions to protect competition.”

The announcement comes as a federal court continues to scrutinize the Justice Departmennt’s approval of the previous telecommunications mergers.

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